Blog Reflection

I remember hearing about blog accounts and thinking, “how is that even a job? Anyone can write and get paid!” But reflecting back to these past two blog posts I can say that it isn’t as easy as it seems. There is so much that goes into a blog, successful blogging doesn’t just happen overnight. I am so use to easily learning how to utilize apps or social media and this did not come easy for me at all. Choosing a theme that can reflect to your personality, your audience, your blog itself, it is time consuming. And then you want to ensure that the format you choose is easy to read and that you provide eye catching titles. Blogging is an outlet that can be very effective when you know what it is that you want to blog about, and when you know you will dedicate your time in order to target your audience. An important thing to keep in mind when working on a blog is that content is key. It is essential that you focus all of your efforts on writing good content. In addition, the way you engage your readers to your blog posts and comments will help to bring your readers back to your site. These are definitely things I will have to keep in mind if I ever consider being a blogger.

With this experience, I have learned the importance that comes with patience. However, I personally do not see myself using blogging as a tool to help with my online identity. I do see the advantages of blogging and understand that this can help with my personal brand. I just feel that other social media tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook would allow for me to better target the audience I look for. These other tools allow me with an opportunity to reach out to companies and other networks on a more personal level. To add to this, I don’t personally believe that I have the time to invest in writing this much or as often. I do however have a lot of respect and commend the individuals that are able to do all this and be consistent with it.


What is great about blogging is that it offers individuals the chance to share and voice their opinions, values and beliefs. All in a centralized place to do so. It is essentially a great tool to have to share knowledge and come together from parts all over the world. You would be surprised who you can reach out to and make an impression on. On my post from “Identity in the Age of Social Media,” I had someone reach out to me asking if they could feature my post on their website with posts from other bloggers. Their goal is to bring mental health awareness in a Digital Age. With them reaching out, they are building their network and it gives individuals the opportunity to collaborate with one another. I also think the comments section can help with seeing alternate perspectives and ways that we can improve on both our writing and our content. In the end, blogging and the way it is communicated varies by each user but regardless of what you decide to write about I think its important to remember that your content is relevant and up to date in order to effectively target your audience.You can really let your personality shine through blogging with the way you you relay information, you just have to take your time and find out what works best.


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